Did He Bypass Rent Control in Toronto?

21 November 2017
Jason Tang

Acondo landlord may have recently bypassed rent control in Toronto, intentional or not!

Toronto Condo Prices Increased 12% so far in 2017

05 August 2017
Jason Tang

Toronto condo prices adjusting three months after Ontario introduced Fair Housing Plan but still a 12% increase so far and preformed better than general market.

Future of Toronto Real Estate with Foreign Buyer Tax & Rent Control

21 April 2017
Jason Tang

Toronto expands rent control and implements 15% foreign buyer tax on real estate will do little to solve supply & demand imbalance.

Newcomers to Toronto are Driving Up Home Prices

21 March 2017
Jason Tang

I get asked every day for the past year why Toronto real estate prices are on a tear and it is a basic lesson of demand and supply.

Market Report Feb. 2017

06 March 2017
Jason Tang

Toronto real estate re-sales report for Feb. 2017 showing unprecedented price increase in the market, detached home pricess jumped 29% over the past year and condos prices jumped 18% from a year ago.