8 Park has the Most Practical Floor Plan

25 April 2013
Jason Tang

One unit at 8 Park in Yorkville has the most practical layout I have ever seen. In fact I lived in it to attest to this statement.

Cost of Car Ownership in Toronto

18 April 2013
Jason Tang

Owning a car is now a priviledge in Toronto because of the associated costs. Here's a detailed look at the cost of that ride on the weekend.

Buying versus Renting

02 April 2013
Jason Tang

Should you buy or rent? In a city where the average house costs 850K$ or a condo for 400K$, should you buy or rent?

  buy  rent

Condo Fees

24 March 2013
Jason Tang

Weighing the value or cost of condo fees versus hmanaging your own home.

I Hate Stairs in Condos

06 March 2013
Jason Tang

Whether they are within a duplex (as in two storey units) or townhomes, stairs are a waste of space. I abhor them and they are impractical.